Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fun Saturday

Yesterday I was able to attend my friend Vanya's baptism. His family was also baptized as well as their dear friend. Two other baptisms were performed.

Some of the highlights:

  • Baptisms themselves

  • Musical number on a saxophone about The Holy Ghost

  • The talk on The Holy Ghost and a great comparison on how it leads us like the GPS - our own personal navigator in everyday life.

  • Vanya's testimony

Overall you could just tell that The Spirit dwelled there. You could feel the great love Heavenly Father had for his children making the right choices on their way to his home. HF was definitely pleased. So was I. :)

It was also my first time in the South branch building and as I found out from my personal guide Galya (on your right on the picture), it is the first church house in Moscow. Yeah!

Oh, and yeah, Galya got set apart - sweet!!!

To all those newly baptized people, I'd like to say: "Stay tuned....for.....THE GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST!" :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Meet Malish

3.5 y.o. 2.5 kg

5% guard dog; 95% love dog

I'm a proud owner. I'm a responsible owner (I don't leave his poop out on the street, but collect it into a plastic bag and toss it; Elle would be proud).
I think he comes from that rear breed of dogs that have some cats in them (My friend's weimereiner Erastus would understand). He washes himself like a cat (licks his front paws and wipes his face; licks his backpaws and cleans his ears). He does doga (doggy yoga; downdawg is his favorite).
He is well loved and glad he found a home :)
I'm learning once again, that bigger responsibilities bring bigger sacrifices and bigger blessings.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Orange fraud

Testing, testing, one, two!

Hello, this is a trial post along with me wondering about my Russianness. Twice in the last week I have tried to buy some oranges and twice one of them has had some decaying parts. How does it go? Shame on you if you fool me once?

Shame on me!

Shame on me!
P.S. The damage on my oranges hasn't been THAT bad. I might have even eaten the good parts of one of them.